Area 22 Soundscape: The Terror of Suburbia


The inspiration towards my soundscape piece came from both the area and process that I went through as WELL as the problems faced whilst editing in Audacity. The area I was assigned was quite Idyllic and peaceful; stereotypical of the suburban stereotype, peaceful and a place in which families settle down. However, area 22 was also highly susceptible to wind and some traffic and upon reviewing the audio later I found that it was almost completely unusable, littered with clicks and pops in a horrendous mixture of wind and traffic. A complete opposition to the previous soundscape of tranquility I had in mind. HOWEVER, this opened up a whole new opportunity, taking inspiration from Hildegard Westerkamp and her haunting soundscapes I decided to make a parody of the white picket fence image of suburbia and insert an almost sinister tone to an otherwise peaceful scene. Using both my first recordings from area 22 with a H4N zoom microphone and later some more local sound effects using my IPhone; I present the Terror of Suburbia.