Assessment 2: Still Image Project (Spatial Portrait)


Project Statement:

For this project, I chose to adapt Student 4257923’s (Michael Riordan) audio piece. This piece struck me especially due to its inquisitive and mysterious nature, as well as its theme of ‘seeing the world through a dogs eyes’.

The lack of actual locality assigned to the audio piece that I utilised did not list an actual area in which it was recorded. However, this actually helped to create a wider depth of field to the photos, as the underlying theme was determined more by the dog’s directions than the environments ambient sounds that were available in the open. To recapture in visual form I simply placed my dog in an environment and tried to capture what interested her or captured her focus.

My photocomposition’s focused more on the various depths of field/the distance of a shot (e.g. mid shot, close up, extreme close up) and Photoshop editing to adjust the saturation and contrast within the photos.


Angela Cullen