MEDA201: Filmless Photography Assesment


Using 16mm film, I edited a set of found footage clips to try and create a story with cohesive rhythm. I used various techniques including; scratching, bleaching, sticking and drawing, to achieve this.

Because of the abundance of possible war film I got, I tried to channel a kind of “Rhythm of a war” theme throughout. I didn’t want to put a linear story line to my piece in retrospect to the lack of context I received from the film I edited, the time period it occurred or the people captured in the film.
Dziga Vertov’s work “Man with a Movie Camera” (1929) intrigued me, as its ability to both hold a story, it also had multiple rhythms that synchronised with the story flow. His use of quick edits added the proper amount of context and almost satisfying end to each scene.