BCM BLOG POST PART 3: Live Tweeting for Dummies

Live tweeting during our weekly viewings was… an interesting experience to say the least.

The actual process of watching movies and live tweeting at the same time wasn’t especially difficult for me- As a general rule I can’t shut up during a movie and like to analyse whats happening on screen as they happen, so paired with a medium that allowed me to text my shit-post thoughts in real time (with accompanying GIFS) without even having to take my eyes off the screen (or get yelled at for talking smack), this was a hoot!
However, some of my peers commented on the difficulty of fully digesting a movie while also trying to come up with a concise analysis of the movie when we hadn’t gotten the full picture or had even missed parts during our tweeting. As the weeks went by, we did however get better at multitasking, and I think we all enjoyed are halftime lecture sessions. A lot of the time, even when we got quite deep in the messages the films were addressing, we veered towards the side of humour to communicate our opinions.
It also became a nice ritual after viewings to go back onto twitter and go through the tweets made by my peers. The process of going through their tweets opened up new viewpoints and opinions about the movie we had just watched, causing me to re-analysing my own standpoint on the movie after new information that I had missed during the screening was noticed by one of my peers. Its alsointeresting to read the articles embedded within tweets that further explored the themes, motifs and behind the scenes features that delved deeper into the lore or worldbuilding that we could sparse in a single viewing. Replying in real time during our viewings was also more enjoyable than I thought it would be, without disrupting others in the room, some deep conversations about the themes, elemental motifs and (of course) memes went down.

Hearing that our Tag on twitter was being followed by professors and students on UOW campus, AND even international professors and students was a bit of a shock, especially considering the amount of memes and lingo being slung around in our weekly viewings. But it was also interesting to talk to my friends outside of class time and hear their reactions and even excitement towards our live tweeting sessions.

I made a few call backs to my digital artefact concept of chaotic enterprising and the limits of human innovation within technology in my tweets. Although I found scattered evidence towards my argument within almost every single media we sampled, I tended to become engrossed in the plot and themes being presented to me and how they related back to the module of the week. Looking back, I should have approached each weekly viewing as a mad witch hunt to validate my argument, but thems the breaks when your passionate about the possibility of cyborg cowboys sauntering into the sunset while people cry about coding and how much people don’t understand about A.I. (to Which I quote my own real life actual  father during a rewatch of Black Mirror, ‘Hated in the Nation”- “Those drone bees…………..…….Classic A.I. problem. Gotta… gotta not do that.”)

And to round this off, Ill include some of my favourite tweets with a quick overview.


‘Ghost in the Shell’, Dir. Mamoru Oshii. 1h 25min. Colour. Sound. 1995

(My first ever tweet! A momentous occasion- and a horrible look into the future when I cant understand the newfound do-hickeys of the future.)

(For a first batch of tweets, I was more worried about getting some deep introspection down for this assessment, but also, try to lighten up some of the darker themes and existential nightmares of our screenings.)


‘Westworld’ Dir. Michael Crichton. 1h 30min. Colour. Sound. 1973.

(Westworld was an absolute RIDE- even starting out, the first 5 minutes told us that nothing could possibly go wrong at all ever “Spared no Expense”- John Hammond, Jurassic Park, 1993)

(Time to address the themes of the film #DEEP)

(At least, that’s my very basic rundown on the giant question of cybernetics in application to morality and the separation we experience when taken out of a medium that has social consequences attached to it.)

(A more abbreviated version of the above- but this time applied to human fallacy.)

(THE WALKkkkkkkkkk)

‘Johnny Mnemonic’ Dir. Robert Longo. 1h 43min. Colour. Sound. 1995.

(Johnny Mnemonic was a mess, and its ideas of future social hangs had me triple taking in the classroom.)


(Take that 1995 and your terrible storage capabilities.)

(Within the cyberpunk are elements of Romanticism sprinkled throughout. In Johnny Mnemonic, we have hippy Jesus and his nailing fetish.)


‘The Matrix’ Dir. Lana Wachowski, Lilly Wachowski. 2h 16min. Colour. Sound. 1999.

(The Fear of our world being a giant simulation is very real, and the Matrix did NOT help. I’d believe this theory now, but as Johnny Mnemonic emphasised before, where the hell were we storing existence before if we had 4G to spend.)

(Oh thank god, I came back to my own Theory of Chaotic Neutral enterprising.)


(Time to get topical- Fix the damn Trains schedule Sydney.)


Black Mirror- Be right back’ Dir. Owen Harris. Colour. Sound. 2013

(not much to say this week, managed to miss a single detail and called one of the main characters the wrong name throughout the entire viewing- one of the problems with livetweeting, focusing more on being introspective/funny and missing key details.)

(A.I. Forming its own individual personality due to its own experiences. Hashtag DEEP)


‘Robot and Frank’ Dir. Jack Schreier. 1h 26min. Colour. Sound. 2012

(Capitalism is a Goodman mess and Libraries are the last free information domain that is available to the public.)

(Coding, Coding, was it Coded or is the robot a frieeeend.)



(Grey Morality and the human Experience.*Cough* *Cough* CHAOTIC NEUTRAL *COUGH*)


‘Black Mirror, Hated in the Nation’ Dir. James Hawes. Colour. Sound. 2016


(Callback to West world, the introduction of a new medium where persecution is not immediate or taken seriously and also not taken as grievously as social fallacies.)

(See above, cyberculture seen as other and not as treacherous as real life altercations- its not real life, my actions don’t have consequences.)


(Time to come up with some new innovative ideas to keep those buzzy bois out.)


‘Blade Runner’ Dir. Ridley Scott. 1h 57min. Colour. Sound. 1982

(As a species, we don’t seem to grasp the idea of ‘If its sentient, be nice to it- if we intentionally designed it to be our superior in every physical and sometimes mental way- ESPECIALLY BE NICE TO IT.)

(I honestly love this quote, it was the best part of the movie.)

(Ridley Scott has some stuff to work out, huh?)

(And to round this all up, it’s time tO STOP.)

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