(The following is a week by week account and summary of both our in class activities and the research that went towards influencing the final outcome of my major work- )
‘Midi-gate Identity’

Week 5: Group work-  the very beginning of our long trek towards a major art piece. Normally an individual assessment, the first thing we did was a class exercise wherein we wrote down some core themes we wanted to address in our major work. they were then taken and sorted by the lecturers into similar family groups. So what this ACTUALLY was was a masked group assignment style arrangement. We formed teams. (Deceit of the highest order), However, I will admit that this was good for collaboration;  especially during our most conceptual phase. Once sorted into groups based around similar ideas for the theme of our major assessment, allowing us to bounce ideas off each other to try at least pinpoint a direction to run in.


Week 6: Group work again, but more refined- Nihilistic creationism was what I brought to the table this week as a premise- and it runs in the same style of work that my team members are also choosing to focus on. Although there was some deviation of themes among us (both in media and presentation of ideology), I am still going to stay with Nihilistic Creationism; this is still the hill that I will die on (currently). Might move to a better hill but for now I am brainstorming towards ideas that correlate with this theme.


Week 7: Group disbanding, trouble in the ranks (aka how individual assignments break teams apart)- I am still gunning for a nihilistic piece, even if its starting to look a lot less like creationism- I’m also moving more towards an idea of dissociation and the conceptual design behind how I could portray this in a video format that would communicate such a broadly experienced individual sensation as a relate-able occurrence- TRYING TO COMMUNICATE A SENSATION THAT I AM MORE INTIMATELY FAMILIAR WITH RATHER THAN TACKLE A CONTEMPORARY ISSUE THAT I HAVE NO BACKGROUND OR STANDPOINT IN TO DO IT THE RESPECTFUL JUSTICE IT DESERVES- I’m using my art cathartically dammit. I’m gonna EXPRESS MYSELF *ARTISTICALLY*.


Week 8: Individualistic ideas- presented our ideas to our lecturers, Matt seemed to latch onto the connection between nihilistic creationism and the hyper focus on the essentially unnecessary but aesthetically valued based around human values and societal influences. As an example of this I used the Panda species and how its survival in the environment (even if humans have caused environmental damage) balances on the whims of humans. The panda, as I have previously ranted about, isn’t the most efficient organism in terms of flexibility and survival- its emergence from the endangered classification is solely because of human intervention to increase populations as well as protecting its environment.

Again, this presentation was based around my previous idea of Nihilistic creationism, and I presented everything I had researched up until that point. Now, im moving away from this idea and working more on my idea of a presentation of dissociation. Started by trying a visual representation, found an extreme HD closeup of an eye and unfocused and focused the footage depending on the dilation of the pupil. I feel this is rather literal and doesn’t hold the emotional connection I would like but I am still experimenting.


Week 9: Dissociation brainstorming- the band briefly gets back together, not much work got done- band disbanded again after.


Week 10: Started experimenting with footage and location- talk to Aaron about nihilistic creationism idea again. He showed me a sleuth of potential artists that I could research and draw inspiration from, but alas I lost the entire book I wrote those sources down in
-_-, I had saved some pictures on my phone of my brainstorms towards Nihilistic creationism and Dissociation to my phone, so not all is lost. (FOUND SOME YOUTUBE LINKS ON MY PHONE OF ONE OF THE RECOMMENDED ARTISTS- digging the Nihilistic Creationism of this piece.)


Week 11: Potential location picked for dissociation, talked to Matt about how the location can be influenced by and also warped by the artwork I plan on installing- again, a lot of conceptual lingo thrown around but no plans for a physical entity yet, might need to consider a less expansive topic choice… getting to the crunching crunch time.


Week 12: Scrapped all previous ideas. Too ambitious for any sort of sane budget going towards an assessment piece, too conceptual in design rather than function, as well as potentially disrespectful if not done correctly. Stress week-





Which digital aspect will I be playing around with?


How am I going to tinker with and articulate an ideology with this technology?


Here are some examples of MIDI art that skyrocketed me into the stratosphere of technology+ideology+Contemporary issues= MEDA assessment final art;




Break WK 1: The final thesis for my work: Identity archiving and mass identification systems.

With the recent Facebook scandal and the seizing of mass information and algorithmic data on peoples mass media- the damage to a persons privacy and the spread of their individual information (including habits, browser history and personal information such as age, sex and location) has created a ripple affect of introspection towards the actual severity towards lively hood and online presence. Of course this breach of security is a serious consequence of a corrupt capitalistic system that benefits off selling information, but to what extend is an online systematic depiction a result of a whole? What I’m trying to get at is (removing the extreme side that this can extend to based around the general massive scope of the information stored and the anonymity or lack of public interest that would then shield most people from the threat of monetary scamming/hacking or lose of identity/social security in the society we live in. And also the fact that there is still the ability to survive without technology and also the option to disappear entirely off the radar outside of mainstream society by simply abandoning all previous records archived or even digitally destroying yourself.) the individual still remains outside of the digitally rendered. How much PERSONALITY as a whole (a persons aura if you will) is actually retained within these digital records?

We’re gonna bloody find out artistically is how.

My artwork statement is as follows;

‘Our concept of identity and the identification of others stems from a uniquely individual understanding of a person’s appearance, tone and presence- but in an institutional, technologically advancing and algorithm based society, with an ever growing social network, what boundaries and laws do we now abide by when recording a person into a system? How much of a whole ends up being recorded and how does that limit the criteria of identity and individualism?

To explore this concept, I’ve set up a new system of documenting individuals; Identification profiles that function under an Algorithmic process in which prominent features and distinguishing marks are imprinted (using FL studio- Piano roll) in a barcode style video /audio sample- creating a MIDI art of a person’s face. Instead of using visual identification (license photos, Passports, etc.) we are instead creating a melody/audio cue to act as a record of identity in place of a written record or photographic documentation. There are no names displayed- but a wall of faces with numbers underneath them- they are simply that which they have been digitally rendered as, regardless of familiarity or being amongst peers- this is the extent to which you can render an individual in an institutionally based system.

Prominent features (eyes, mouth, nose, hair) create a trend of similarity- with enough exposure to the sound we can identify the subjects as human, based on the similar trend in tune regardless of whether or not there is an image after the original of what you are hearing. But what prominent features of a person’s face sets them apart from others? Is there enough deviation within a system based solely around visual cues to comprise the symphony of ones face- an attempt to facilitate personality even? Or does it create a new identity altogether?

Systematic identification defines the aura of an individual within an institution.

Mitigate Identity entirely.’

Now- the actual process of making the midis was easy- simply tracing through a translucent overlay picture of the subject into FL studio (piano Roll) Recording the screen footage and editing in premier pro- however. ACTUALLY AQUIRING THE PROGRAMS TO CREATE AN OVERLAY AND THEN GAIN ACCESS TO A PROGRAM THAT HAS PIANO ROLL (ALL FOR FREE, MIND) WAS AN ARTFORM OF DODGING SCAMS AND VIRUSES IN AND OF ITSELF. The things I suffer for art. Creating the MIDIS took two days and editing took less than an hour. IT TOOK FOUR DAYS TO FIND THE PROPER AND SAFE PROGRAMS TO START. (AGAIN, FOR FREE_ I am not paying 1,200 for two software programs that I only need two features on for a MEDA ASSESSMENT.)


Break WK 2: Set up major work- Good hustle team. I had to be flexible with the space I chose as I had to abandon my previous stomping grounds but I found a suitable space to present in.



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