LIQUID LABOUR-  NOW WE’RE TALKING!!! As a digital media student, this hits a lot of boxes that are relevant to both my career options AND my personally interests. I’m looking at this from a very liquid (:D) definition, as the centralised concept of liquid labour (at least in the lecture) centres around the distribution of INFORMATION and digital assets rather than literal online consumerism- but in regards to my digital artefact, the fact that an option of purchase for my DA is a file of a model, (rather than a physical copy) that you have to pay money for is connected through this topic of Liquid labour.

AND THUS, WE’VE COME TO THE END OF THE FIRST PART OF ASSESSMENT 1. Here’s hoping my dog doesn’t actually die in the next 9 weeks and my activity will have a steep incline from here on out.


2 thoughts on “BCM206: BLOG POST 4

  1. This idea of liquid labour is very daunting in this new digital age, you make a good point about its relevance to the digital media degree, because most of us now have the skills to break into the freelancing market, but the possibility of the lack of stability in such a line of work can be offputting.


  2. Not gonna lie this topic really confused me so to see how you got excited and really understood it helped me to get it ! I Its such a huge thing to swallow that the digital age and how you can turn it into a carrer. The thought of an app like Instagram being deleted would literally mean millions of jobs lost… so it is about looking at the sustainability of it. But it is a good link that you make with your project and its great you have already seen the possibly flaws in that could happen.


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