OOOOOohhohoho here we go- Good ol’ iFeudism,

bcm wk 6

A struggle for me to wrap my head around at first but from what I gathered from the lecture, iFeudism is a patchwork of practices that seems to tie back to a likened to that of a lord and his vassel- a relationship of power and expected loyalty for freedom under that order of power. We can assume that if the internet is ‘Land’ then someone owns that land and those who live within/work on that land are technically Free, but they still must abide by and maintain that land. This is the example given to us by the lecture but I find that if we bring it back to current government regimes and the censorship laws present in different countries that this effect is more readily observed- the ‘Freedom’ of the internet is only as free as the owners of the land.

But stepping outside of this for a moment to come back to my DA (mostly because I have no segue :/)- I’ve finally hit a good stride in my research regarding 3D printing, should have results soon!

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