I am probably the least picky and discerning person when it comes to issues regarding the debate between IOS and Android.

bcm wk 7

Mainly because I’ve had the same phone for 5 years and it actually fits in my tiny rat baby hands. These two systems are fairly similar in terms of function and manoeuvrability- same core structures and features available to both systems. As a whole, it comes down to scandals and brand loyalty that divides these two phone models.

I will say however, when it comes to the debate on which system is better, I’d have to side with android- purely because it is an open source device and has much more flexibility with apps and downloadable content (not to mention- they wont break on you 1 year down the road conveniently as soon as the new model of iphone comes out.)


I’ve started to model first frog- who will be my test print before I move on to my other models. First-Frog is going to stand as my digital artefacts catalyst-the question of whether or not this is a sound business practice to follow and if I CAN ACTUALLY EVEN PULL THIS OFF.

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