If I am being truly honest with myself, Hacktivism is a pretty dope form of Anarchism.


Between this new unprecedented shift from the storing of information and the shift in activity trails being documented from the physical to the digital, we need to truly analyse how this impacts us and the ramifications total control could have on our lives in terms of power balance and how that power can be exerted.

It only stands to reason- that if you can also move within the new mediums and environments that are being employed to store information that you can also innovate towards methods of circumnavigating the limitations and blockades put on those technologies entirely- the system is mass produced, a resistance works outside these rules. There will always be and continue to be a need to combat any power that has the ability to completely suppress and govern the free will and trade of goods/information within the common populace. Wow I went off on a lil tangent there-



Tinkercad is working- at least it is allowing me to finally import my objects now that I have imported them as separate segments.

And the good news! Because I didn’t go through an ulterior programme to reduce the wireframe and polygons- the mesh itself hasn’t suffered from any large amount of deterioration to the original version that I created- of course it still has deuteriation and isn’t quite at the standard I’d like, but in tinkercad it doesn’t look horrible so we’re going to print final frog and see how it goes.

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