A main theme of this week was the power of connectivity- and how a group of people can unionise against and protest injustices persecuted upon them from higher tiers of the law/power.

bcm wk 9

During 2010 to 2011 there were public marches and protests in the middle east- This display of the public power through unity and coordination/visibility through the use of social media is an example of this form of mass mobilisation, and how that given enough force behind a movement and people backing it for change that it is possible. Social media shows a mimicry of this- although we are not quite to the point where a mob of people on a fb post is as powerful as individuals banding together against injustice, it does show that visibility gained online can absolutely spread awareness and support for a cause.


DA UPDATE- went back and did some more research into different 3D modelling programs, I went to reddit and had an ask around as to which ones were more freehand like Sculptris and I’ve been looking into them. Seriously considering getting the Zbrush trial.


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