The darker side to hacking-


The trail of information and the impacts of having that information leaked. As well as this- anything that enters the internet can never truly be deleted, all content uploaded or stored leaves an imprint that can be recovered or copy and pasted. The internets main function is to store and record, so truly deleting something is nigh impossible- therefore, the amount of surveillance and information that can be captured through governing bodies or even automated bots is unprecedented. On top of this- viruses and hackers can, again,  circumnavigate the system and steal personal information and funds (credit cards, passports, social security numbers) from individual users by operating within a network. To combat cyber crime, new branches of justice systems, such as internet forensics that find and follow these digital trails. Outside of the crime syndicates, we also have the notions of Cyber wars to take into account too. With Governing bodies also playing their hand into the digital battlefield- they can control and survey those in their jurisdiction all within the rights of the law and also infiltrate other nations information.


But enough about that- DA UPDATE.

THE UOW PRINTING SUBMISSION PAGE HAS DECEIVED ME. I have followed my workflow. I have dodged the viruses. I have imported in small chunks and grouped them in tinkercad. I have exported a STL file that is under 8MB. SO WHERE HAVE I GONE WRONG??

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